We are partnering with Run Digital Operations on December 4th for the Agile IT Production Experts meeting.

A privileged meeting place for decision-makers and industry professionals, the Run Digital Operations is based on a program of technical conferences and above all pre-organized meetings with industry experts. Prepared speed-meetings, for the most efficient exchanges.

As experts in IT Supervision, we will be present on this day to meet you in the framework of your projects. Whether they are related to user experience, digital transformation, cloud migration, or precisely to application and network performance measurements, you will be able to discuss your needs with our product manager Julien Castel.

The conferences

The workshops and conferences are designed to present the latest technologies and IT services to better produce, automate, and deliver your applications. Testimonials and feedback will be available. Discover the program of conferences and workshops.

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As a reminder:
The official website of the Run Digital Operations : Expert meetings on agile IT production


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