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2020, a year so singular. Telecommuting has become a new norm, and companies, and especially IT teams, have had to adapt to this transition, which involves the use of remote tools.
For this reason, the measurement of the performance of the Information System as a whole is becoming more important, and the issues of user experience as well as the challenge of SLAs are confirmed for 2021.
To successfully complete these performance measurement projects, here are 4 good resolutions to make for your IS!

Resolution #1: The user experience FIRST

With the rise of telecommuting, measuring user experience is more important than ever.
It’s no longer about getting tasks done quickly, but about making applications intuitive and fluid to optimize the experience and maximize performance.
Thanks to the “Digital Experience Management” or DEM you will be able to measure the real feeling of the user. It must be able to carry out its tasks without slowness, while keeping a pleasant aspect to the execution.
Vigilance must be at all stages, from the creation of the application or the choice of the SaaS provider, through the security layers. The entire digital ecosystem will condition the user experience.

Resolution #2: Improve your internal communication with a common performance tool

It is not unusual for network and application teams to be equipped with two different monitoring tools. There is a risk that each team will not detect the problem or, worse, will pass the buck from one team to the other.
In 2021, get smooth inter-IT communication. Today, there are unified monitoring tools for these two teams, where packet loss measurements sit alongside an O365 business scenario. And if you are already equipped (and satisfied) with NPM or APM, a simple API leads to an end-to-end vision of the global performance.

Resolution #3: Tracking performance with tailored reports

To make it easier for you to do your job and take corrective action, your monitoring tool should allow you to customize your dashboard so that you can easily access what is critical to you.
However, the visibility needs are not identical according to the user profile of the portal. A HelpDesk member will want quick access to advanced technical metrics while Application Managers or IT Director⋅rice will prefer a high-level, clear view of real-time performance status.
To go further on the reading of the reports, there is an even higher level vision. Based on aggregated data, it is possible to access BI reports showing, among other things, a capacity planning study, O365 or Google Suite performance by country, or the impact of Zscaler.
These BI reports facilitate exchanges between the operational and strategic levels. A business intelligence tool, it visually presents the supervision metrics from different sources to serenely pilot the actions related to the Information System.
This personalization of the data has the advantage of a simplified and fast reading, adapted to all the participants of the Information System.

Resolution n°4 : Discover the MIP solution, ask for your private demo

The MIP solution allows you to obtain a precise vision of the user experience, the performance of applications, networks and infrastructures thanks to a strategy of measures elaborated in accordance with the realities of your business.
Thanks to it, receive a fair and global vision of your IS, in time, both simple and precise, allowing you to benefit from a clear interpretation of the data collected through decision-making and operational dashboards.
Make an appointment today for your private demonstration !
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