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Each year, technological trends appear with its share of real, potential and marketing innovation. In a context of major transformation, how can we ensure that the investments and changes made have an impact on the business?

How to master technological transformation?

The technological transformation of companies is advancing rapidly, whether to adapt to new conditions or for business reasons. We can’t count the number of companies that have moved to telecommuting or to the cloud.

This transformation inevitably leads to change in the organizations, it is important to master these changes on the IS as well as on the people.

It would be dangerous to transform the IS without changing the associated monitoring. Just as digital transformation focuses on the business and uses, monitoring must follow the same path.

Gaining visibility into the service provided to customers is an asset that maximizes the ROI of the transformation. Knowing the limits is the best way to take advantage of developments.

It is not only the technological transformation that requires an evolution of monitoring practices but also the evolution of uses and users.

The implementation and maintenance of the solution is also necessary to ensure efficient monitoring.

Case study

Example: What is the impact of SDWAN on performance or network cost? Easy to answer, your new operator may provide it to you.

  • But what is the business impact? Has your access to ERP by the finance team in Benelux improved?
  • But what is the “field gain” on the overall uptime or response time of SaaS software?


Measuring the direct and indirect before, during (because it lasts a long time), and after, is necessary, even more so if you can get support. It will then be possible to measure the impact on :

  • your legacy applications (yes this still exists for 80% of you),
  • on SaaS applications from home,
  • or from your internal IS (GSuite works on the other hand your redirection with double authentication a little less)
  • the actual availability rate as seen by the customer (I couldn’t work it was too slow),
  • monitoring of network bottlenecks (everything is redundant but there are still widespread breakdowns) are essential points for IS management and on a long-term basis


As you can see, in this changing context, it is important to provide users and businesses with visibility on IS performance. This is why having a monitoring solution that allows you to understand the user’s point of view is essential. Gaining visibility allows to accelerate the transformation in a controlled way.

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