éviter les problèmes d’informatiques au travail

As reported by an article from France Info January 26, computer problems at work often plague our lives. Especially since the implementation of remote work. So much so that a good portion of employees might leave their companies if they don’t have the technology to match, according to a study just released.


40% of employees have a problem with their computer


According to research by Nexthink, a company that looks at employees’ experience with IT, when technology falls short, it disrupts, distracts and discourages even the most motivated talent. Computer problems are very common, according to this study. 40% of employees experience a problem with their work computer at least once a week. Breakdowns that block them for a long time. In one third of the cases, 35% to be exact, it can take up to half an hour. For 38% of respondents, hybrid work complicates technology issues compared to a traditional work environment.


The breakdowns are equally due to software problems, internet problems and to a lesser extent hardware bugs. In the event of a breakdown, you don’t always know who to turn to and it’s more like a case of being on your own. First reflex, adopted by 37% of the people questioned: restart the system. Then you turn to your colleagues to see if they have the same problem.


Contacting the IT department is only the third choice


Contacting the IT department is only third, with only 15% of employees doing so as their first choice. There are even 7% who try to solve the problem themselves, by searching the internet. That’s why the authors of this study say that employees don’t know enough about IT services. A third of employees, 30%, don’t really know who is responsible for improving their digital experience, or even if such a function exists in the company.


Use the MIP solution to avoid computer problems at work.


The use of the platform allows first of all a network monitoring or Network Performance Monitoring. It allows you to identify the use of resources, to obtain a visibility of interfaces and classes of service to optimize the architecture of your Information System and to detect abnormal behavior.


Get visibility into interfaces and classes of service to optimize your Information System architecture and detect anomalous behavior. You can discover which applications, cloud providers, and devices are using the bandwidth.


Use the MIP solution to analyze application performance.


Our solution allows you to retrieve indicators on incidents and slowdowns of your software and to make a real technical audit.


Your webapps are monitored 24/7 to identify unavailable or problematic resources of your application as soon as possible and monitoring indicators allow you to keep your resources under surveillance. This way you check the loading time of the resources, which is a key element of theuser experience.


And you continuously monitor slowdowns on the loading of resources, and identify whether the incident comes from the application server or the network. By collecting these metrics, you can verify that your applications are under control and avoid the IT problems at work that are so often detrimental to your performance.

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