With the recent events related to the coronavirus, it is clear that the productivity of the teams has decreased due to the performance of the remote tools.

Telecommuting is becoming a new norm, and companies, especially IT teams, are preparing for this large-scale transition that involves the use of remote tools.

The issue of team mobility is more than ever a theme that generates difficulties within the company. Fixed workstations in offices are being emptied to make room for computers directly in the home.

New problems linked to this sudden change in organization

Since the beginning of this pandemic, companies have had no choice but to considerably review the organization of work at the HR, infrastructure, and application levels.

The introduction of teleworking has been relatively well tolerated, with 95% of managers saying that they are comfortable with the idea of remote working, although 69% of them admit that they were not properly prepared.

Like a kick in the ant-hill, we had to adapt and make a 180┬░ turn in the general organization of our work. This sudden change also raised new issues such as:

  • The increase in technical difficulties as a major disruptor,
  • A decrease in employee performance and productivity.
  • Stress and anxiety among employees.

These results are to be expected as the coronavirus has upset personal and professional norms.

Limited visibility by IT teams into the user experience

IT teams have not reacted at the same speed depending on the maturity of their IS and their consideration of the user experience. Indeed, IS with limited openness to the cloud took longer to react while IS (sometimes more recent) open to the cloud have undergone very few changes.

Teams focused on infrastructure monitoring have sometimes struggled to understand the impact of telecommuting on users. The technical supervision, even if it comes back “from the green”, does not allow to say with certainty that the services are correctly accessible. Moreover, these supervisions do not allow to have a view on the SaaS services because only a monitoring of the user experience allows to know if the service is well delivered.

Technology to optimize or improve remote performance

Managers have clearly understood the issues related to the decrease in team productivity due to the performance of remote tools. More than 60% of executives expect to invest in additional technologies during 2021. New collaborative tools, SaaS solutions, increased VPNs, flows, …

This new hybrid work method between telecommuting and office work is expected to continue and is on its way to becoming the new norm.

With teams spread across multiple cities, countries, and sometimes even continents, IT teams must ensure that every employee is able to quickly connect to their network, tool, and work efficiently. A technology and a historical IT architecture sometimes not adapted to remote work.

Examples include maintaining network security and troubleshooting issues with web applications such as Office 365, GSuite or Trello. The user experience for employees must be the same regardless of the location of the connection, or risk seeing a significant drop in productivity. Technology will be the catalyst that lifts the barriers to individual performance and safety.

Support your performance and meet your new IT challenges with the MIP Solution

Not all companies are equal in the face of so much change. This is why we have been working with you for more than 10 years to offer you global IT supervision for controlled service continuity. Although teleworking employees are sometimes confronted with problems that do not depend on the company (box problems, network outage, …), the IT department must reorganize its priorities, and opt for a proactive mode to optimize the service delivered.

Having a performance measurement strategy adapted to the service catalog contributes to a good user experience for remote teams. In the context of telecommuting, application performance monitoring must be a topic that evolves from reactive to proactive mode.

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