Une seconde vidéo (2/5) 📽️ pour présenter la nouvelle version de notre produit #ITPerformance (Menu Explore 🔭). Avoir des mesures c'est bien, mais quand il y'en a beaucoup/trop il faut savoir les retrouver 😲  Our second video (2/5) 📽️ to introduce the last version of our product #ITPerformance (Explore Menu 🔭), Getting measures is fine, but when there are numerous you have to find the good ones easily 😲  #ApplicationPerformanceMonitoring #DigitalExperienceMonitoring #NetworkPerformanceMonitoring

A fourth video (4/4) 📽️ to present the new version of our product #ITPerformance (Menu Scoring📈).

We have worked on our version to be intuitive in its use, but this video will allow you to obtain the results or SLA of an application over a period of time or for example to manage network capacity planning. An IT monitoring tool for management purposes.

#ApplicationPerformanceMonitoring #DigitalExperienceMonitoring #NetworkPerformanceMonitoring

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