In the midst of the digital revolution, and with the emergence of the hybrid cloud, IT environments are becoming increasingly complex. We assist large companies on a daily basis with their IT supervision and management of the performance of Information Systems.

By choosing MIP, you opt for a complete computer supervision tool. A global and advanced view of your information system for a preventive maintenance, a follow-up of the interruptions, and a highlighting of the faults as well on your applications as on your networks and infrastructures.

This choice makes it possible to avoid common errors, which degrade the quality of services and applications. In this article we show you the mistakes not to make!

Degrading the quality of service

One of the first mistakes is to neglect the supervision for the benefit of production and projects. The same people are often responsible for maintaining production or implementing projects, and for supervision. They risk jeopardizing supervision by evolving products and services.

This does not mean that the information system should not evolve, but that each evolution must be reflected in the supervision.

Making access management mistakes

We can also make management mistakes. For example, locking an account because the access account for the surveillance measure has not been changed. In this case, an error will be allowed to occur, thinking that it is related to the management of the account, without knowing whether the service is affected. One should not get used to a false positive or “normal red”.

In order to align the practices with the security and the recommendations of the ANSSI, we have to regularly update the passwords of the supervision accesses.

To not be up to date

In this case the bad practice would be that the supervision system does not follow the updates of the information system. This has the effect of leaving areas out of the supervision and therefore not giving a complete view of the availability of the application or services.

Be reactive

A common mistake is waiting for a user to report a service problem.

A complete IT monitoring tool that allows you to be proactive in managing services and performance.

Don’t want to make these mistakes? Opt for a integrated solution of computer supervision

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