Can you introduce yourself in a few lines: your background, how long have you been working at Maltem Insight Performance ?

With an engineering mechatronics background I got into IT in my first job in the 2000s, with various jobs onthe first 10 years : developer, application engineer, system engineer, network engineer. Then in 2008 I went into Alaloop under the wing of the founder J-Louis Melin where we were 6 at the time.

What is your vision of IT supervision?

Ma vision est que c’est un vaste monde plus qu’il n’y parait de prime abord and constantly growing. And each technological evolution brings its own set of new needs in supervision: cloud-based architecture, networks IoT, 5G, SDWAN, application architecture server less or api centric. From the beginning of new trends or technologies it is necessary to anticipate tohave it in the catalog”, but it is necessary to differentiate those which will be really effective and those who will remain at the media state..

In addition to being one of the leaders, you are a project manager at Maltem Insight Performance. What are your missions?

My days areactually stronglyvariouss becausethat it goes from the human resources managementmanagement, to the budget to work of technical coordination on the implementation of piece of metrology or pre-sales, or even take care of the sacrosanct coffee machine 😉 No room for routine !

What type of profile do you collaborate with in the companies during the implementation of the project? Who is the Maltem Insight Performance MIP solution for?

Essentially 2 profiles: a project manager profile, production manager who explains its initial needs to translate in terms of measures and dashboards, and more technical people who participate in the installations or security more and more present.

Can you present us the different steps of the implementation of the MIP Solution atmaltem insight performance ?

During the phases from beforesale we have often recovered 80% of the information but we start by revalidating the environment customer, the need expressed by the signatories (because often different technical people) and the various stakeholders (contact, political, …).

Then follows a stage of implementation of the technical architecture of the measures, “the hardware”.. Following is takes place under our aegis deployment of application or network measures. And finally we defineand create the different outputs, KPI, dashboards before presentation and training on our solution to customers. My job as a project manager is to end with the various notebooks and transmission to our production teams.

Our managed service being continuous, the metrology system (perimeter, dashboards,…) will evolve with the life of the IS according to the monthly reviews established by our delivery manager and the customer’s manager.

What is in the project manager’s toolbox?

Patience, questioning, a smile and collaborative tools and a lot of pragmatism

What are the key success factors of a good supervision implementation?

Pragmatism and transparency

If you had to summarize your job in one sentence, what would you say?

A famous basketball player summed it up well: “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen. Michael Jordan

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