50% of a company’s success depends on its digital performance. How to ensure this essential performance? How does successful governance make this possible? What if ITIL best practices allowed you to achieve your goals?

But let’s start at the beginning. ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a collection of books on best practices for IT service management (ITSM). This standard, designed by the British Office of Government Commerce (OGC) in the 1980s, aims to ensure quality service to its customers (both internal and external).


ITIL : almost a philosophy !

ITIL puts IT at the service of staff and customers, not the other way around. Indeed, the approach consists in considering the IT department as a set of closely linked processes that need to be managed with precision, in both a micro and macro way. The ITIL approach does not only benefit IT departments, since it consists in making them aware of the fact that the quality and availability of the technological infrastructure have a direct impact on the overall quality of the company and on customer satisfaction.

ITIL: quality at the service of governance

Thanks to a clearly defined and controlled process approach, ITIL makes it possible to improve the quality of information systems and user support by creating the “Service Desk” function. This centralizes and administers all information system management. ITIL advocates the separation of service operation and control (continual service improvement). Do on one side, control on the other. Separating the two actions is essential to the health of a company.

An objective contact, managing Service Delivery, “describes the services that must be provided to meet the needs of the business in an appropriate manner” (see ITIL Method). Thus, it ensures the functioning of all operating software as well as the performance of the network. The IT department and all the business departments thus benefit from a neutral, independent and global view of the company’s digital performance.

To carry out his mission, the Service Delivery Manager must rely on solid and indisputable data since it will be the reference for the company. The production of these data (measurements, collection, maintenance in operational conditions, sorting, configuration) is time consuming and daily. It can be outsourced to a trusted third party who can provide a managed service. The independence of the audit is strengthened with data produced and benchmarked by an expert outside the company.

ITIL: Governance for people

A good delivery ensures that each department and each contributor is permanently connected to the awareness of the final result. It is a matter of taking the essential data to build a global vision, sufficient for control, and especially stable and agnostic.

A stable vision is based on a limited number of data that underlie the notion of quality.

  • – There’s no need to collect thousands of pieces of data that flow in and out of servers through expensive software to produce this view.
  • – No need to insert code in your home-made software.
  • – No need to mobilize entire teams to sort, configure and ensure the quality of the data over time.

An agnostic vision avoids dependency on different technologies chosen over time by the development teams. Your trusted third party allows you to challenge internal and external suppliers with hard facts.



To summarize, the ITIL method and the independence of control make it possible to define key reference values for the company. Independent monitoring of these metrics builds a strong governance model that moves everyone in the same direction: true user satisfaction. Managed service outsourcing to a trusted third party supports this model and frees the company from time-consuming tasks that are necessary for an objective and independent control. This global model places experience and satisfaction at the center of actions. Be careful though, you might make your internal and external customers happy!
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The company will win because it will better control the quality of what is delivered and it will promote and secure the Business!

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