Services are becoming more and more intuitive but information systems are becoming more and more complex. We have identified 5 key points necessary to master their performance. Thanks to the respect of these criteria, developed in our new White Paper, you can anticipate errors, thus avoiding that a short anomaly turns out to be dramatic for your turnover. Optimize your business through the control of business applications Small panoramic synthesis.

Did you know that in 2015, an internal DNS error impacting platforms such as iTunes, the App Store or even the iCloud service resulted in $2.2 million in losses per hour for Apple, or $25 million in total? Could this have been avoided?

Optimize your business through the control of business applications

Point 1: Focus on the user experience

Is your site slow to load? Does your cloud application occasionally experience availability problems? Are your in-house tests non-existent or fragmented? Thanks to innovative technologies, application testing robots allow you to measure the real user experience and to factualize the proper functioning of the tools, and consequently of possible anomalies.

Point 2: Factualize latent problems to anticipate failure

To anticipate, it is not enough to trust the data reported by the supplier (which rarely includes user feedback). It is better to take a proactive approach and implement a consolidated measurement system (network and application) to monitor performance in real time. This 360° vision will help you to see more clearly among the multitude of indicators intended to measure performance.

Point 3: Get support in contracting suppliers

Analyzing the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) delivered by your suppliers (operator, host…) is essential to control the respect of the service and measure the results on all your sites. By outsourcing this task, you take the burden of checking service availability off your shoulders.

Point 4: Identify and analyze the uses within your company

Will your bandwidth and disk capacity be sufficient to cover your needs in the long term? Are all your infrastructures adapted to your needs? What will your data storage needs be in 1, 5 or 10 years? Anticipating capacity management allows you to allocate your physical resources in line with your business needs.
This agile operating mode requires excellent control of performance indicators: system, data server, application server, network).

Point 5: Identify and manage shadow IT

In a large company, each department may adopt its own tools and the whole team may not be informed or have control over these IT resources. However, in the event of a breakdown, these uncontrolled applications can impact the smooth running of the entire company. The importance of internal information sharing and the need for transparency from your suppliers is essential.

In short, to have an accurate vision of your users’ real feelings, to collect and interpret reliable data, it is better to be accompanied by a trusted third party. Return on investment guaranteed! The IT monitoring experts provide you with strategic support and prevent a seemingly minor incident from turning into a financial drama. So switch from reactive to proactive mode!

Optimize your business through the control of business applications

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