Interview Jean Philippe Bauste

A key position at Maltem Insight Performance, the service delivery manager identifies a customer’s needs and oversees the delivery of services in the context of the company. The basis of this position is to establish processes to guarantee contracted service levels to its customer.

Discover the interview of Jean-Philippe Beuste :

Can you introduce yourself in a few lines: your background, how long have you been working at Maltem Insight Performance? What is your vision of IT supervision (usefulness, etc)?

I have an engineering degree in computer systems and networks. I have been working now for about 15 years in different positions, and after several experiences especially in subcontracting for Airbus where I was able to collaborate on the A380 information system, I joined the Maltem Insight Performance team (the “MIP Team” 😉 ) in February 2017.

What is the use of IT supervision? This is a field that is developing more and more due to the evolution of computer systems and networks. The democratization of the Cloud and therefore the digital transformation of structures requires knowing the impact of these changes both at the user level and at the network level.

Computer supervision allows, among other things:

  • To be reactive: to know if my network is efficient or if my application is available.
  • To foresee the future “capacity planning”: both on the network and on the capacity of the servers.

What are the areas of intervention of the Service Delivery Manager at Maltem Insight Performance? What are the main issues you have to deal with?

As a Service Delivery Manager, I come in right after two major steps:

  • Validation of the project on a commercial and contractual level
  • The end of the POC initially launched by the project manager of Maltem Insight Perfomance who takes care of all the implementation: study of the initial project, setting up of the measurement strategy, and installation of the tool for the customer.

Once this project is completed and validated by both parties, that’s when I take over! My role is to be the permanent link, the dedicated contact between the customer and the other departments in our company. In the end, this concerns both the collection of IT supervision needs and the follow-up of its application.

On a daily basis, the Service Delivery Manager position is the gateway to the MIP Team for various actions:

  • Monthly review made with the client to take stock:
  • Ensure that ongoing actions are moving forward (at home and with us),
  • Gather new needs,
  • Know if new projects are going to be launched and if we can accompany them for a new measurement strategy (example: migration to a cloud environment to compare the before / after, if the IT system is just as responsive).
  • Provide customized support (e.g., training for newcomers)

With the right measurement strategy in place, clients have a free hand to analyze the results and understand the environment. However, they often need coaching to understand certain data, and customize their dashboard. We also intervene at this time to guide them during the research (“according to your environment, we would rather go there or there…”), to help them to put the finger where it is necessary, the troubleshooting,…

How do you manage to adjust the measurements and adapt the MIP solution to the customers’ needs?

The measurement strategy is set up during the project phase, in agreement with the client following a collection of needs at a given moment. But we know that needs evolve… Our position is to understand the stages of their digital transformation to continuously adapt the measurement strategy applied to IT supervision. Workshops are for example an excellent way to exchange on these evolutions.

Although each customer’s IT architecture is different, their issues are common. We will be able to explain to them what we have been able to put in place elsewhere to give them new ideas and accompany them on certain needs, and even anticipate them!

The advantage of our MIP Solution is that we work close to our customers. Our development cycle is relatively short, which means that when the client issues a need, we can respond quickly by activating our teams.
We discuss internally with the Product Owner to see how this evolution can be implemented on the tool, in agreement with the back-office and front-office developers, to then propose it to all our customers.

Can you tell us about the trainings and workshops you offer to customers?

Training is included in the service. We adapt them for all our customers. If the people are more network oriented (Network Performance Monitoring), we will offer them training in this sense to help them understand the behavior on the networks:

  • Delay between routers,
  • Loss of information (of package)
  • Loading on the links.

If we address an application manager: we will help him to understand what is happening on his application (DEM, APM) in terms of recurring errors for example, detect periods of recurring slowdowns (e.g. because of backups on the servers), or detect periods of unavailability of applications.

Concerning our workshops, we organize sessions with our customers to accompany them during the implementation of new needs (for example in order to define a new application scenario) or during the analysis phases (in order to understand, for example, the reasons for a temporary saturation on a link)

And finally, if you had to summarize your job in one sentence, what would you say?

I am the daily link between customers and all Maltem Insight Perfomance services (via the developers, the infrastructure, or the support) in order to accompany them as well as possible and meet their needs, to adapt their measurement strategy.

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