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The Service Desk technicians are the privileged interface between the various businesses and their associated information systems. The responsiveness and relevance of the Service Desk’s diagnoses will make it possible to correct any malfunctions as soon as possible. This is where the strategic report comes in: the Flash Report.

The Flash Report is a Top Report parameterized in a very fine way, i.e. with regard to the concerns and objectives of the customer. It analyzes both the network and the applications. It verifies that the priorities given to each class of service are respected.

Priority to video conferencing

If the customer has to hold a lot of meetings using video conferencing, he must be able to negotiate with his operator to prioritize IP telephony and video. If this contract is not respected and the company is penalized (numerous interruptions during meetings, loss of sound or image, pixelation), it must be able to factualize the incident so that the contract is better honored. The Flash Report proves the failure of the network.


Stop the long delays!

The Flash Report also allows to evaluate packet drops (which generates latency). Where is the loss? At the router level? Is the problem internal or is it the operator’s fault? Where does the latency come from? From Europe? From Asia?

The Flash Report accompanies the data and other analysis graphics. This is how malfunctions are recorded: on a clear and undeniable system for everyone, from internal customers to suppliers.

Thanks to this Flash Report, the company has all the elements to ask its provider to improve its product/service.

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