Capacity Planning

The Service Desk is at the heart of the Information Systems Department, and more globally, of all the company’s processes. The reactivity and the relevance of its diagnoses will condition the global performance. Focus on capacity management: Capacity Planning.

Capacity planning to detect service unavailability

The Service Desk supervises and analyzes the network equipment loads, which allows it to implement improvement actions, in real time and continuously. In the day-to-day management of flows as well as in situations of change (whether technical or organizational), Capacity Planning has the virtue of targeting the causes of dysfunction.

Capacity Planning to migrate to the cloud

Also very useful to make a technical change. For example, let’s say a company decides to move its email to the cloud. It must then ensure upstream that its network can absorb the ensuing load and monitor the process in real time.

Let’s take another example: an e-commerce company launches a promotional operation: it must ensure, upstream and from day to day, that its network is adapted to the load caused by this commercial operation.

Capacity Planning demo

Load a network link from a client site
Load a network link from a client site

Analysis: We can see here that the load occurs mainly during working hours and days. This may then explain why some user applications may be disrupted. In a case like this, the service desk may have to request an increase in throughput from its operator.

Billing malfunctions in a clear and educational manner allows the IT department to communicate with its service providers and other operators. The measurement results cannot be disputed. Indispensable for demanding the best performance.

Other reports for a consolidated view

Other reports, such as the Top Report, provide other types of information, particularly concerning applications. The configuration follows the specific needs of the company, as is the case with the Flash report or the Business Intelligence Report.

The Service Desk gains in expertise and efficiency. A customized approach contributes to the company’s competitiveness.

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