Robotic Process Automation

Automate boring tasks.

Process automation

You will no longer be alone on "Robotic Process Automation" projects. Our goal is to ease RPA deployment and to take care of it.

Global support and relevant tools

– Deploy RPA with a patented method

– Advice on processes to automate

– Script development by our expert team

– Support handled by our dedicated team

– Dashboards online 24/7


Discover LightRPA

Deploy RPA to free from low added value tasks.

Portal & Alerts

Use a SaaS custom portal providing a wide view of your current scripts.

Scripts maintenance

We maintain and manage, 24/7, the development, roll-out, maintenance, and survey of measurement systems.


No code requested! Simply sit and read your online dashboards.

Alerting system

Benefit from an advanced alerting system taking into account maintenance and incidents using mails, sms texts or API interfaces.


A simple RPA project

For 12 years we have been developing scripted scenarios on legacy, SaaS, Citrix, ext. applications. Computerize your human tasks with our LightRPA solution.

Process study

Analysis of your request and actual process used.


Process optimization to leverage tasks efficiency.

Scripts development

Our team develop bots to handle your tasks.

Run & MCO

Scripts running within bots, and support by our expert team.

Total integration within your current tools and processes

Thanks to REST api, our data can be integrated into your current softwares, intranet or high-level reporting.
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