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Amer Sports is one of the leaders in the retail sports market, with internationally recognized brands such as Salomon, Arc’teryx, Peak Performance, Atomic, Suunto, Wilson, and Precor. The group’s business is balanced by its broad portfolio of sports and products, and by a global presence.

Positioned in a market where the customer experience has a strong impact on the business, Amer Sports has equipped itself with the MIP Solution in order to access a global supervision and to optimize the performance of business applications and sales sites.

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Activity sector : Retail |Company size : 8,600+ employees |Location : Worldwide |Interest : APM / DEM / NPM

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In this omnichannel trend, Amer Sports has focused its efforts on an optimal digital experience, both for the teams for for customers. Indeed, in the absence of cross-functional governance for its brands, the company was not taking full advantage of the power of its tools. An operation in silos and complicated communication hindered the sharing of information, and eventually impacted the business.

To support the business teams, the IT policy had to balance the implementation of standards, with the divergent needs of the regions and brands. It was important to provide a stable performance on mission-critical applications, whether they are hosted in the cloud or on-premises, and whether they are sourced from a vendor or developed in-house.

The implementation of the MIP Solution was also decided with the customer experience in mind. For the BtoB and BtoC sales sites, the teams wanted to get real feedback on the incidents, and get out of the reactive mode which could quickly turn into a loss of revenue.

Collaborative tools, order applications linked to the ERP, logistics, e-commerce sites,… Amer Sports’ IT teams were looking for global visibility to maintain a high level of experience.

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Amer Sports’ IT department therefore opted for the MIP Solution, a tool for application and network oriented supervision which could consolidate its complex IT environment and its IT teams.

The simplicity of the non-intrusive end-user solution has allowed each entity to reduce valuable time spent on troubleshooting. A monitoring of the evolution of the performances for both the feeling of the employees than for customer experience was possible thanks to scenarios played 24/7 in a real environment that factualized the incidents, the evolutions over time, and especially the proper functioning of the applications.

In addition, the uniqueness and intuitiveness of the platform have made the collaboration of application and network teams who were able to directly isolate the root-causes of incidents before end-users are even impacted. A necessary collaboration that improved MT-TR and allowed teams to focus on “how do we improve the health of the information system as a whole?”

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With the constant objective of being the leader in the retail sports market, the MIP Solution is used to structure the IT environment as a whole. From availability analysis to page-by-page latency, the MIP Solution’s metrics allow the enterprise to be proactive. This allows Amer Sports to implement more effective troubleshooting processes that serve as benchmarks.

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  • IT teams no longer waste time with the maintenance in operational condition (MCO) of the application and network supervision tool, the service is included in the MIP Solution
  • Incidents are quickly identified thanks to screenshots and error replay videos
  • An upstream approach on internet output results via Zscaler for effective deployment, especially to North American borders
  • A real user experience view for China-based users logging into each brand’s site
  • End-of-month BI reporting to manage the IT department and make strategic decisions
  • A managed service for a long-term relationship as a trusted third party

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