MIP – Managed Service Monitoring IT

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IT decision makers are increasingly inclined to choose outsourcing due to its financial and human benefits for the company and its employees. Here are some good reasons to choose a managed service.

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A managed service is the proactive management of responsibilities and functions (administration, updates, availability, implementation, operating support) by a third party. For companies with limited, fragmented or no dedicated skills internally, it is an efficient alternative for managing changing IS needs which fluctuate as they develop.

Facilities management providers usually invoice the customer only for the work performed. In principle, they are linked to free technologies and do not always offer stable and satisfactory technical support. These services may have hidden training or licensing costs which can come as an unpleasant surprise to decision makers.

A managed service, on the other hand, is a high value-added alternative to this on-demand service model. The customer and managed service provider are bound by a contract pertaining to a subscription according to the scope and level of support required.

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